I Won’t Force My Kids to Attend High Holiday Services

The high holidays offer a unique opportunity to reflect on our lives and our connection with Judaism.  Among the many things this summer’s camp experience solidified for me is the belief that there are a variety of ways to instill a love for Judaism in our children.  

Over the summer I listened to kids sing Hebrew songs.  I watched them decorate mezuzahs.  I awaited their reactions to the first taste of falafel.   I saw campers discover Jewish role models in their counselors and form Jewish friendships with their bunk mates.  Not one of these activities involved formal religion, but all of them connected campers with their Jewish heritage, the Jewish community, and Israel in a way that was meaningful, lasting, fun, and inclusive.

Because there are countless ways to connect with Judaism, I am not forcing my kids to attend high holiday services.  Read my blog post on the topic published on Kveller.com.

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