Virtual Camp

Join us April 5-9 for ITC@Home! Virtual camp will run from 9:30-noon each day. Campers will enjoy bunk time, choosing their own activities, connecting with friends, and capping off the week with a special Spring Break Shabbat Shira led by Hannah.

Virtual camp allows campers to be seen and heard, even when they are typically shy or introverted during in-person camp. Plus, they can create friendships with other ITC campers before the summer!

To Register: Click the link above and follow the instructions to register for camp.

If you have already registered for camp in 2021, you can add Spring Break camp by clicking
Camper Application in your camp account or email us at


It’s hard to believe that after 10 weeks, this is the 11th and final week of our FREE hour-long Virtual Camp. To celebrate, we have a special guest with us all week – Jessie from MainStages! Mainstages is an educational theater company for children, and they foster creativity, performance, and talent in kids.

Sessions take place each day from 3-4 p.m.
This week’s offerings are free, but please register below. (If you already registered, there is no need to do so again.)

Super Fans!
One of the ways that we build community is by sharing what we’re fans of or what we’re passionate about with one another. This session is going to be all about what you love!

House Hustle!
Think of today’s session as an indoor scavenger hunt with extras. Campers will find things around the house and use them in our activities. Some games might ask you to reimagine what you have or look at it in different ways, so be ready to use your imagination and get creative!

Stretch It Out!
Today we’re going to be talking about stretching ourselves, mentally and physically! Get ready for tongue twisters and challenging body moves.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside!
We’re heading into June, which is the perfect season to go to camp! We may not be able to leave our houses and go camping outside, but we are going to bring camping to us!

Today is all about celebrations! We’ll be talking about our favorite holidays, how we like to celebrate them, and being part of the ITC community!