What makes a house a home?

In the 5 years since In the City Camp began, we have held camp at a variety of locations. The overwhelmingly positive experience our campers and staff have each summer reinforces what we see no matter where we hold camp:

The elements that make In the City Camp so special and successful are independent of our location.

Just as the people, the experiences, the love, and the warmth make your house your home, those same things make In the City Camp a summer home for our families.

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No matter where In the City Camp holds camp, 3 key factors keep families coming back year after year. 

  1. The most exceptional, caring, responsible, impressive, enthusiastic Jewish role model counselors. Period.
  2. Our choice-based activity schedule. Campers who have input in to the way they spend their days are happy campers. Happy campers make friends, try new things, learn, and grow.
  3. Our welcoming, nonjudgmental, Jewishly diverse community and our fun, culturally Jewish activities. Think Hebrew songs and Jewish cooking!

Each summer, no matter our location, these three elements magically combine to fulfill our mission: To create lifelong Jewish friendships, nurture personal growth, and inspire a meaningful connection to the Jewish community and Israel.

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Having said that…

We have pretty much become masters at transforming the most unlikely of spaces into incredible, safe, age-appropriate camp experiences. In the past 5 years, we’ve run camp at a Hillel, two different high schools, a synagogue, and even a fraternity house!

Here is some additional information about what you can expect at both In the City Camp locations in 2017.

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Will you offer the same activities in Sandy Springs and Intown?

Yes, we will offer the same activities at both Congregation Shearith Israel (Intown) and Atlanta Jewish Academy (Sandy Springs), though the activities might look different at each location because of the specific amenities each houses. For example, we’ll play basketball outside at the Intown location (where we are creating a sport court) and both indoors and outdoors at the Sandy Springs location which includes a gym and outdoor hoops.

Both locations have large, open indoor spaces we will use for all-camp gatherings like morning song, indoor sports (martial arts, yoga, dodgeball, gaga), and bunk space. Both also have stages for dance and drama, kitchens for cooking, gardens and outdoor space to explore nature, and several classrooms we will use for art, science, magic, etc. If for whatever reason we are unable to offer a particular activity at one of the locations, we will replace it with a comparable activity. For example, at our 2016 Sandy Springs location, it made more sense to bring in waterslides for a water activity than to transport campers to a pool. So each week we brought in new waterslides! This year, campers at both locations will swim – more on that below.

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Do both locations offer all of your programs – Kid Camp (rising K-5th grade), Tween Camp (rising 6th-8th grade), and the new Counselor-in-Training program (rising 10th grade) – during all weeks? 

Click here to understand the dates, locations, and programs we are running each week during summer 2017. The first chart on this page shows the dates and locations we will run Kid Camp and Tween Camp. Our new Counselor-In-Training program will follow the Kid Camp schedule. 

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Will campers swim at both locations? Where? How often? Do you offer instructional swim?

Yes, campers at both Intown and Sandy Springs locations will have the opportunity to swim twice a week this summer. We are still working through the best options for safe, convenient pool partnerships – stay tuned!

Swimming at In the City Camp is recreational, not instructional. Kids gain a lot in the way of water confidence when they can “test the waters” at their own speed with friends and counselors who are with them in the water motivating them to become better swimmers. Also, while we can encourage your child to participate, swimming at camp is a choice. Campers who do not want to swim will be able to participate in other activities.

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Security at Camp

In the City Camp places the safety and security of campers and staff above all else. Both locations will have security protocols in place based on the guidance we receive from our security advisors.

We are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns. Just call us at 404-698-1134 or send an email to camp@inthecitycamps.org.

See you this summer!

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