Awesome first week of Tween Camp!

By Eliana Goldin, rising 7th grader at Greenfield Hebrew Academy and three-year In the City camper!

Having been to camp two years prior to this year, I had my expectations set high for the first week of Tween Camp. When I got there, my new counselors, Gavi and Amanda, came over and said hi. Even though I already knew them, it was still exciting to see them. We walked over to our Tween house, separate from the kids, and started off the week by getting to know everybody’s names. Just minutes after, I had made knew friends I never would have met without camp.

Amanda told us about how much fun we were going to have over the week, and was she right. We had a scavenger hunt, went bike riding, saw a movie at Atlantic Station, played sports, and sang with our music specialist, Sammy, which was most definitely the highlight of my week. Besides having a lot of fun doing different activities, we also learned about what was going on in Israel and the Jewish people. We talked about the three boys who got kidnapped, and about Justin Timberlake’s #israel Instagram post. It got us all thinking about our Israeli/Jewish heritage, and I know now how important it is to stay connected to my culture and the land of Israel.

The Tweens created this banner to spread awareness of the kidnapped Israeli boys.
The Tweens created this banner to spread awareness of the kidnapped Israeli boys.

Besides our meaningful conversations, we also had meaningful ways to bond — like watching the World Cup during lunch. All the Tweens gather in the main room staring at the TV yelling our head off at every missed goal, and cheering at every goal made. It’s hilarious, and sparks our energy to go play outside, where we play dodgeball, 500, and soccer. After another activity we go to the outdoor pool, separate from the kids, and we play Monkey in the Middle or hangout in the deep end, jumping off the diving board.

Shuttle to pool
Eliana, on the far right, rides the shuttle with her Tween Camp friends to the Emory aquatic center.

To end off our amazing week, we sang One Day by Matisyahu in front of the whole camp. It was so much fun, and a great way to end off the In the City Camp experience. I can’t wait for more fun at In the City Camp.

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