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In the City Camps

(1) Create checklists: Both you and your children have fallen out of the school
routine, so it’s essential to ensure all the little things get done during the day.
Checklists are a great visual way to make sure lunches are made, homework
gets done, and backpacks end up in the place at the end of the day.

(2) Talk: If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your child starting back to
school, imagine how they must feel. Take some time before school or during their
bedtime routine to chat about their day…it can make all the difference.

(3) Prepare after-school snacks: No matter who your child is, one thing is sure, they
will come home STARVING. Have healthy snacks (think apples and almond
butter) waiting as they walk in the door.

(4) Create study spaces: Homework happens at every age (ugh). One way to get
your child excited about actually doing it is to create a place they enjoy going.
Even if they have room for a small desk and chair in their room, add some cute
organizers and pencils to make it a little more exciting.

(5) Establish connections: If you notice your child mentioning one or more kids a lot,
coordinate a play date! It’s a great way to meet other parents and make your
child more comfortable.

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ITC is a place where thousands of kids and tweens form lifelong friendships, create millions of  memories, go on state-wide adventures, overcome fears, create businesses, and for many, where a love for Judaism takes root.

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