10 Ways to Have a Camp Shabbat

By: Carolyn Harari, Director of Camps
  1. Put the screens away. Camp and Shabbat are all about connecting and being present with the people that you love. All you need for tonight is something that will play music.
  2. Before Shabbat begins, create some In the City Camps decorations. This could be paper chains, rainbow looms, or signs welcoming your family to Shabbat. Get creative and recycle materials in your house. You will be blown away by what your camper creates with just a few materials and a wild imagination.
  3. Invite your camp friends or new friends over. Shabbat is the best excuse to gather everyone and the best part is that it happens every week.
  4. Make or buy a challah. If you don’t have the time to knead for hours, try out Jamie Galler’s Challah in a Bag. It’s a recipe everyone can play a part in.
  5. Get in the camp spirit and put on your favorite ITC shirt or any piece of tie-dye will do.
  6. Have pizza for dinner! A Shabbat meal does not have to be fancy. Shabbat is the day of rest. Just think, less time cooking means more time spent with family.
  7. Say the Shabbat prayers.
  8. Have everyone share what their favorite part of the week was. During “The Na Na Song” at camp, we always share what we are thankful for.
  9. Share your favorite memory of the summer or what you are looking forward to next summer.
  10. Have a camp dance party. Listen to all of our favorite tunes on our FREE Spotify playlist. Let your campers teach all of the camp dances.

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